Our Vision

Our homes are integral part of our lives-the very nucleus around which our lives revolve. We, at Leaf, believe our home is not just a place but it’s a feeling. It is not just a shelter but a sanctuary for us and our loved ones.

In the years after the Industrial revolution, our home became a hub of devices and technologies which saved us both time and effort required for our countless day to day chores, making our lives - and homes- more comfortable. Yet in present day life we find ourselves spending a disproportionate amount of our time managing those machines-machines doing things so regularly that they should’ve learnt by now!

At Leaf, we strive to bring that change. We strive to make our homes thoughtful such that they can understand our preferences, they can take care of our machines and our regular interactions with them. We aim to empower our homes such that they can love us back and can truly afford us the luxury of time.

We are committed to making our house learn and understand our preferences, tune our appliances to respond to our needs, take care of us and keep us safe.

Our Journey

Leaf embarked its journey in the year 2013 with aim to bring convenience in our lives. It took us two years which included hundreds of iterations in the electronics, the design, the software and the experience- quite literally, to fulfil the vision of re-imagining and re-engineering our homes.

We came with our first concrete prototype that consisted of a smart socket and a hub. This incorporated within itself various sensors and the learning feature.

smart socket
smart socket

After much brainstorming and with the aim to fine tune the user experience, we improved upon the product by separating the control unit and sensor unit, thereby making Air compatible with each home appliance.

With the aim to put perfection in the hands of the customer and to make Air robust we continued to bring hardware upgradations where we finally incorporated Bluetooth in our communication protocol. We named this as alpha.

At Leaf, we constantly ask ourselves a question-how can we build something which is as much part of family yet very simple to use, intuitive and efficient. We realised that there is only one way we can get the answer to this- by asking people themselves!

leaf air alpha prototype
leaf air alpha prototype
leaf air alpha concept mockup
leaf air alpha concept mockup

Hence, we did pilot run for months and experienced the power of a truly engaged community first-hand. Their feedbacks further helped us improve the design, engineering and software. With all the feedback and inputs, here we now have a real piece of perfection all built out in India- AIR.

leaf air beta concept
leaf air beta concept

At the heart of this relentless effort are a passionate team of engineers, entrepreneurs & inventors, tech buffs, designers, and impact driven problem solvers dedicated to developing technology, products and experiences that would revolutionise the way we see and communicate with our home.

We are also thankful to our great supporters who have helped and guided us to achieve this vision.

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