Air is the easiest way to keep your home and loved ones secure!
Always worried about the safety of your home while you are away? Meet Air! It makes your home smarter by instantly letting you know if someone tries to breach your home. A true burglar alarm indeed! Air also keeps your appliances safe and secure even under a voltage fluctuation.
Get instant notifications of any unscheduled activity in your home
leaf air security safety
Once armed, “secure mode” instantly notifies you concerning any breach in your home. Its motion along with presence detection sensors makes it a perfect burglar alarm.
Keep your child from accessing dangerous appliances
leaf air security safety
Air app allows you to lock the appliances. Once an appliance is locked, it cannot be controlled physically till unlocked. So you can restrict children from high-voltage appliances like Geysers, microwave or could just stop them from watching TV all day.
Smart, affordable and energy saver. Air keeps you covered on all fronts.
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leaf air premium wood finish rosewood
leaf air premium wood finish maple
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