Give your home a chance to love you back.
How about your home loves you back? Brews coffee for you, turns the geyser on all the while when you are snoozing your alarm for that five minutes of your precious morning sleep? Meet Air! It learns your habits and tunes your appliances to make you feel more comfortable and safe.
Detects Presence in the room
Air has inbuilt PIR sensors with an added layer of sophisticated algorithm which lets it detect  your presence even while you are snuggled up in your blanket and take decisions intelligently.
One tap for your entire room
Air learns your preferences and based on current conditions in the room, turns ON your room in your most desired configuration with just one tap on the device.
Smart Scheduling
Along with regular scheduling, Air learns your appliance usage patterns and schedules your repetitive tasks.


Stay connected with your home from everywhere.
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leaf air premium wood finish rosewood
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