Smart, affordable and energy saver. Air keeps you covered on all fronts.
Energy Saving
Wouldn’t it feel wonderful if your home can save you some money on electricity bill? With Air, your home can take the smart decisions such as turning off appliances while you are away, keeping you updated with your current electricity bill and energy consumption. Not just updates but Air guides you in bringing your overfluos power consumption in control.
Save energy while you are away
leaf air energy saving
The inbuilt sensors promptly detect real-time room occupancy, which allows Air to turn off all non-critical appliances while you are away, thereby saving you energy
Energy consumption and weekly share in the bill
leaf air energy saving
Energy meter in switchboard modules provides you not only the energy consumption but each week’s electricity bill as well.
Stay informed of your top power guzzling devices
leaf air energy saving
Get a detailed report about most power consuming appliances in your Air app which includes their share in the bill, operating hours and carbon footprint.
Give your home a chance to love you back.
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