Stay connected with your home from everywhere.
Too tired to leave your couch to dim the lights or to find the remote for your A.C? With Air, you can do all this just by your phone while still enjoying your sofa! You can even turn your geyser on from your workplace just to find a perfect hot shower when you reach home.
Set the mood of lights according to your preference.
leaf air light intensity control
The inbuilt dimmable units in Air allow you to control the intensity of lights from your app, setting the perfect ambiance for your room.
A single Remote for your Entertainment!
leaf air light intensity control
Stay Remote free. The inbuilt IR blasters in Air, takes care of your entertainment needs, giving you control of both T.V. and D.T.H.
Regulate your A.C temperature and fan speed from anywhere
leaf air ir control appliances
Air is equipped with IR blasters which act as a universal remote, giving you the power to control all your appliances from just about anywhere from your phone.
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Works perfectly with all your existing household appliances
leaf air control appliances
Air switchboard units and its in-built Wi-Fi capability makes your appliances smart and let you control any device remotely from about anywhere.
Air is the easiest way to keep your home and loved ones secure.
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leaf air premium wood finish rosewood
leaf air premium wood finish maple
leaf air standard

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