Open & Secure wireless technologies. Made to be a platform.

Air is built with latest, open and secure wireless technologies. It has both Wifi and Bluetooth low energy radios to communicate with home appliances. It can connect to other smart devices, so you can access all the appliances from one app.

Capacitive touch on any 3-Dimensional surface. First time ever.

A touchscreen is all too familiar. In a pioneering first, we are bringing the power of a touch to mundane, everyday surfaces with a proprietary technology. Imagine tapping on a wall unit to power on your A.C., fire up the mood lights and play your favorite track.

Detects presence in real time. Another innovative first.

Detecting presence is problem technologists have long struggled with. However, with Air, presence can be accurately determined. While others might take more than 3 hours to probabilistically determine presence, we can do this in near real time.

Covers all remote controlled appliances. No ones else but Air.

Not all your appliances power up from the switchboard only and have additional remote interfaces - like your A.C. We have built a universal remote controller in Air to make all your remote controlled appliances work seamlessly. With a high-range and high-angle IR LED, Air gives you control of all your appliances no matter where you place it.

Keeps tabs on all that's happening to learn better

Effective learning requires great deal of data. Air is built with temperature, humidity and brightness sensors to observe and learn precisely how you love to live and what your preferences are. So you get to experience the magic just as you expect it to happen.

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