Bring your home to life

Control : Low as well as heavy wattage appliances from anywhere.
Safety : Get instant alert in case of any intrusion in your home.
Save Energy : Air switches off your appliances if you forget to do so after you leave.
Coverage :Multiple Air Kits covers your entire home.

INR 24,600

(Covers single room)

Installation by our trained professionals.

One year
Free service for one year.

Fits within your existing switchboards.

Integrates with
Physical Switches
Your physical switches work the same way as before
Control all appliances: With Air you can control all appliances (low wattage and heavy wattage) in your home.
Accessibility: Control all your appliances from anywhere in the world.
Scheduling appliances: You can schedule your appliances such as a geyser, A.C etc..
Keep home safe: Get instant notifications of any intrusion.
Save energy: Air switches off your unnecessary appliances if you have left your home.
Energy Insights: Air keeps you updated with your weekly electricity bill and other energy insights.
Remote Control: You can control the temperature of your A.C and also regulate the channels of your T.V or D.T.H.
Control Curtains: With Air you can control your motorised curtains from your smartphone via Air app.
Fan Regulator: Air Lets you even control the fan regulator and dimness of lights from your smartphone.
Free installation: Get free installation from our trained professionals
Syncs with physical switches: Your switches work the same way as they used to before with no rewiring.

Installation is a two step process:

Fitting the switchboard modules behind your switchboards

Configuring the Air unit


Air is both wifi and bluetooth enabled. It communicates with your phone over the internet via wifi and transfers that information to switchboard module (and ultimately appliances) via bluetooth. The in-built IR in Air lets you control your A.C and TV remote from your phone.

What about the after sales service?
We provide one day after sales service. Free service for one year after which nominal electrician charges apply.
Can I control my curtains with Air ?
Yes! You can control your motorised curtains from Air app.
Will I be able to use my manual switches?
Absolutely! Your manual switches still play the same function as they used to before.
What happens if the internet in my home is down?
If your active internet connection is down, you would still be able to control your appliances from the Air app via local area network within the premises of your home.
What if I have more than one Air in my home?
In such a case, rooms will be listed in your home screen and you would be able to control all your rooms and appliances from the same app.

What's in the box
Air device with Adapter
Switchboard modules with wire
Dimmer units with wires
Switch units with wires

Technical Specifications

Detailed Specifications
- 2.4 GHz transceiver
  compatible with in
  Bluetooth Smart
- Capacitive touch with tap

SENSORS - Temperature - Humidity - Brightness - Motion
- Air Unit power
  consumption at 5W (max)
- Switchboard Unit power
  consumption at 4W (max)
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Free Installation by trained professionals
Compatible with your existing appliances
Syncs with your
physical switches